Are you looking for Best running shoe under 1500? What if I say, I have a list which contains best branded shoe sunder 1500 rs in India. Yes, we have that list and you can see below. We have selected these shoes with our special algorithm which is nice and you will not find any low quality product in this list.

Here is the description of all the shoes which you are mentioned in the “Best Running Shoes Under 1500 rs” table. In the details below, you will get info like, the size of the shoes, the price of the shoes and percentage of people who are satisfied with these shoes. And the amazing part is we are also showing the reviews of the customers which they have given for the products.

Let’s go ahead and know more about the shoes Best Running shoes under 1500 rs

1. Lotto Men’s Running Shoes Best running shoe under 1500

Best running shoe under 1500

This shoe is very comfortable for jogging.You can use it “wear and tear.”It has long life if maintained properly. The cost is quite interesting and suits well for the pocket.

Rating : +ve Size : 6,7,8,9,10 +80%  Price around : 1394 ,   Best running shoe under 1500


Comments: [1] “Good quality shoe.Light weight so very comfortable to wear without any pain.,” [2] Product is much better than my expectation.

2. Sparx Men’s Black and Green Running Shoes

Sparx Men's Black and Green Running Shoes1 Shoe looks impressive; It’s in the combination of white, green, brown and black colour which makes it attractive. The sole is so good and long lasting.The best shoe in the post and recommended. This was the second Best running shoes under 1500 rs.

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+ve rating   73%    Size: 10     Price:1300rsBest running shoe under 1500 


Comments: This is an awesome shoe & stylish & so comfortable. 2.Nice shoes best price.

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3. Sparx Men’s Running Shoes


Sparx Men's Running Shoes1

This shoe looks cool and doesn’t get dirt because it’s color combination.Shoe have a very good life and doesn’t need any external maintenance. It comes with a pocket price.The led crossed lines make it look hotter.The sole in red makes in a good combination. This was the third Best running shoes under 1500 rs.

Best running shoe under 1500

size : 7,8,9,10   Ratings: +ve 72%  Offer

4. Sparx Men’s Black and Green Running Shoes (SM-163)

Sparx Men's Black and Green Running Shoes (SM-163)1


This shoe Sparx Men’s Black and Green Running is comfortable to wear.It looks quite good but needs neatness for the shine. The white lines inside black figure make it looks rich and green line adds up. The grips are quit good and chase well.

Size:7,8,9,10 +ve 81%    Best running shoe under 1500

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comments:   I have been using this product for over a month. The product is a good ideal for walks and gymming purpose.Order one size large than wat u wear normally.Looks good.worth the money.    2. Good product with equally good delivery.



We have selected all the above running shoes by considering sp many factors, like: Strength, Grips, Confort and lifespan. We have also considered desin and type of shoes, so no need to worry about.

Now you may get a question. What if I don’t like these shoes? If you don’t like the shoes you can return then under 30 days and you will get all 100% of your money including delivery charges in your bank account, so no need to worry about money.

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These were the list of all Best running shoe under 1500 rupees in India. Now it’s your step to buy your favorite shoe online. And these were the list of Best running shoe under 1500 in India.

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All the products mentioned in this post are particularly selected and posted to help buyers to get the better product at the better price from the website.

You cannot see the product physically but still, you can read the experience of the buyers who have already bought and used the product.You won’t find any product which has fewer ratings( less that (70/100)% and poor quality. Hope you likes the list of best shoes under 1500 rupees in India.



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