There can be a lot of confusion between the shoe people for jogging and the shoes people for running and also the shoe people use for walking. There are few things to consider when you are willing to purchase best walking jogging running shoes under 3000 rupees in India.

This not only applies for shoes under 3000 but almost all kids of shoe you want to purchase online.

#1 The design

The very first thing someone notices when you wear anything is the color and the design of product you are weaing. The anything else. So you should be sure when you buy the shoe should must have a good design than any other local shoes with many colours.

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#2 Price

The price is the 2nd factor which is important for buyers. There is alot of varities of shoe, You can purchase best shoes under 5000 rupees and get satisfied or you may buy best shoes under 2000 rupees and get satisfied.

#2 customer review

When you purchase online one thing you cannot see is the physical product in your hand. But the best marketplaces in india like amazon and flipkart has made it too easy to do online shopping by the help of return policies.

I recommend using amazon over flipkart, It’s not at all because we write with their links but because the respect the customer more than anything. Which is a great thing.

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