How can i buy a good pair of shoes ?

Want to buy a good pair of shoes at the best competitive price?

If yes, the next part of the article is especially for you. They is difference when you buy a product online and but a best product online. Because There are thousands of products online. Don’t get confused when I say in most of the cases you don’t get the product at the best price. You spend money for your product but more than the money you should spend on.


The, How to buy a product online to save my money and save my money?

Yes, That’s a good question. I appreciate that. there are two methods which you can use to save your money online.

  • 1.Keep checking the product price online, you will see the price change in 70% of cases.
  • 2.Go to some site which informs you about the price drop on the exact price.
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Well, let’s come back to the topic,

How to but the best shoes online? 

Pick a pair of shoes that does not narrow too much in the middle of the outsole.

Before buying the shoes, you make sure that shoes in not narrow in the middle if-if is then it’s the sigh that it will break from the middle.

Cautiously walk on a linoleum or vinyl surface outside the store to make sure the shoes don’t squeak or slip.

If you have planned to the offline store then try to walk outside of the store. If you have ordered online then you should try outside of your house. Be sure that it’s not sleepy or uncomfortable.

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Check the stitching for quality

The quality and stitching of the stitching define the lifespan of the shoe. A good pair of shoes will  have good stitching on the joints and on interlinks.

Bend the front of the shoe upwards.

A good pair of running shoe will not leave a tawny wrinkle, If the wrinkle becomes dark that means the shoe in not made up of a flexible material.

Pick shoes that do not provide ankle support, since they may be better for everyday use.

Ankle support shoes will you uncomfortable when you use it for daily. Your ankle may start aching and may become a serious problem that’s why people wear ankle shoe s on occasions.

Ask for a measurement of your foot size.

The exact size is highly recommended because, sometimes by thinking a small amount of money may result in a lot of pains, hence ask or search for the exact size of shoes which fits you.

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Give the shoes a test drive.

If a test drive can be given for a car then why not for the shoe also. So don’t feel weird when you ask for the shoe test drive.

Press against the counter

Now by pressing the bottom back part of the shoe you can figure out the strength of the shoe. Best pair shoes should have more flexibility that makes the shoe last long.


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