How to choose a good pair of branded shoes?

The question is “How to choose running shoes?” may be the right question might be “How to select best running shoes as per my need?”

before buying any shoes, you should consider 3 important facts mentioned below. Theses facts apply for everyone who wants to buy a shoe independent of the cost of the shoe.

  1. Your Need
  2. The Design and Fashion
  3. Cost of Shoes and customer reviews
  4. Can you afford them?

Your Need

The need, Which should be focused, For example, you are someone who is the athlete, then you should and must have a good pair of sports shoes or two. At this stage, you should select a good pair of shoes which is reliable and is well comfortable for you as that’s your basic need.

The Design and fashion:

Bothe the aspects are interrelated, and they get older after few days. The cost of the shoe also depends on the fashion and the date it was released. If the shoe is released recently then you will see there is more discount that the shoes which are released recently.

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Cost of Shoes

The cost of shoes which depends on many things, you will get the better discount if it was released a year ago. SO, if you are someone who doesn’t care about latest fashion then you should consider buying 1-2-years old model to save money.

Check the customer reviews and check that the product has “verified purchase” reviews. Sometimes sellers themselves do the review to increase the ratings the products and makes a fake review, Buy you can check the “Verified purchase” to be in the safe side.

best shoes under how to select a good pair of shoes

Sometimes, the newest product may not have Customer Reviews, but be sure to check about the seller and brand value.

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Can you afford them?

A very common problem youngsters mostly students face in India, Parents do not give you the things kids want. It’s very true and many times I too have faced this. But no problem, but remember you have to buy a better pair of shoes at a point of time in your life.

For this time buy XYZ, spare or basics kinds of shoes or a local shoe, manage for some time. Work harder and do something awesome. Start your own website by spending few 1000 bucks and maintain in a proper manner. I am very sure you will reach some position where you will be able to handle your expenses.

Now, Question is,

How to buy a good pair of shoes which is reliable, have good design and have a better discount?

You can go to Amazon India or Flipkart or and start sorting them,

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You can sort them by price, by limiting the brand and

the applied review “4 stars” products

how to select a good pair of shoes step 1

Then apply on offers and discounts you wanted “Eg 30%” discount page will look like this.

How to select a good pair of branded shoes

After doing the above sorting you will get a list of shoes which comes in the category and price you want which also have the discount you wanted to have.

How to buy a best pair of running shoes

Here is the list of shoes which I got after applying

  1. searching “running shoes”
  2. Selected “Adidas, Reebok, PUMA and Nike”
  3. Then I Applied “Discount 35%” and the result I got is this

How to select a good pair of shoes

You can visit this link directly for above offers: Premade Sorted List


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