[Updated] Top 10 Best Running Shoes Under 2000 Rs

Here is the list of top 10 Best running shoes under 2000 is in India. We have considered the design, lifespan, and durability of the shoe while ranking them. They are not only get used for few years but also they are very comfortable.

Attention: We have not mentioned any product or any low-quality product in the list.

#1 Puma Men’s StrikeFashionIIDP Running Shoes


Rs 1710 : Check on Amazon

Good looking puma shoes, Awesome design and better comfort than any other shoes at this range. The light weighs shoes and a nice closure gives you more comfort to your feet. The color combination is amazing which combines white, black anf greenish.

#2 Reebok Women’s Electrify Speed Running Shoes


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Rs 1,799.00: Check on Amazon

Reebok is the brand which is also worn by the Cricket players and popular cricketers like MS Dhoni wear them. No doubt the shoes quality is really good. they don’t make feel weight in your legs. This Reebok shoes has good comfort and comes with a warranty.

#3 Reebok Men’s Road Rush Running Shoes

Check Price On Amazon

The one person who likes to wear colorful shoes should buy this pair. It is easy to use and clean. They are comfortable as above one. But there is a catch that, These shoes are a little old and you may get of the previous year.

#4 Puma Men’s Atom Fashion III Idp Running Shoes


Rs 1847: Check on Amazon

This pair looks good on jeans, the color combination is standard and does not require a lot of effort to clean the shoe.

#5 Puma Men’s Ceylon II Ind. Running Shoes


Rs 1,999.00: Check on Amazon

This shoe looks a bit more smarter than the other shoes. They look good if you have worn a good pair of shoes. This pair is for young people. They look good on neat and dark color clothes including shiny white.

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#6 Puma Men’s ForeverFashionDP Running Shoes

Rs 1,469.00: Check on Amazon

The more you see these shoes the more you will get confused, The reality is every one of them has good built quality. The one thing you have to, is to choose the shoes color. Once that is done you can buy the and go ahead

Puma forever fashions DP has a very good grip over. Thes shoe have some advance addition like the grip structure is changed.

#7 Puma Men’s Strike Fashion II DP Mesh Running Shoes

Rs 1,789.00:Check on Amazon

This shoe can be work in any season. This pair doesn’t get dirty easily. The one thing which makes more catchy is the design of the grip. It is powerful and do not sleeps even wearing for many months.

#8 Reebok Men’s Fast N Quick Running Shoes

Rs 1,750.00: Check on Amazon

This Reebok shoes for pro people. They are good that when i saw them personally I thought i should buy them.

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#9 Puma Men’s Drongos DP Canvas Sneakers

Rs 1,370.00: Buy on Amazon

A good pair of shoes comes with a combination of black and Colour of shoes matches with image almost 95% though there is lill variation in Colour.

#10 Puma Unisex Harbour Fashion Dp Running Shoes

Rs 1,716.93: Check on Amazon

The silver or reddish looks cool. you can where them with a gray collar t-shirts. the look awesome. you can also use them regularly as they won’t get dirty.

I hope the above article fulfills your query “Best shoes under 2000 rupees” or “best running shoes under 2000 rs in India”.

Go ahead and buy one, if you don’t like the shoe you bought, you are free to change them and return them. You are not charged for anything including delivery charges. you can return the product if you don’t like them. No charge is taken to return or deliver the product or any kind of shoe.

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