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I love branded shoes, either it may be PUMA, Reebok or Adidas. But to be frank the very first 2 pair shoes I have about is PUMA and I never purchased with Nike, Reebok or Adidas. I feel puma is God, The good this about puma shoe is they are comfortable and do no spell even if I don’t wash/fresh them for a month.

So, here is the list of top 10 puma casual shoes below 1500 rs to buy in India. We have included all the good looking, best selling shoes in 2017. The list will amaze with its reviews and you should try them.

#1 Puma Men’s Pluto Dp Running Shoes

The shoes look good and will suit on jeans. It feels god and authentic when you wear the every morning and go for jogging. The color of the shoes makes it look clean.

#2 Puma Unisex LimnosCAT3DP Sneakers Best PUMA Sneaker

Rs 1430 : Buy on Amazon

These sneakers are perfect for the black jeans. they may look good on other colors as well. The white color at the bottom makes it look cool and fashionable. The yellow color adds up the brightness in the shoes that is another advantage. This was the first best Puma Casual Shoes Below 1500.

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#3 Puma Men’s Aron Ind. Running Shoes

Rs1399 : Buy on Amazon

The logo in the bottom makes it look super amazing and branded. The yellow with gray of puma in the inner part is another thing to be considered. This was the second best Puma Casual/sports/running Shoes Below 1500.

#4 Puma Unisex Limnos CAT 3 DP Canvas Sneakers Best PUMA Sneaker

Rs 1,249 : Buy on Amazon

The shoes is good for the jeans. It looks good on kurta as well. This is perfect to appear casual. The yellow, a little black and sharp yellow makes a better combination in the system.This was the third best Puma sneakers Below 1500.

#5 Puma Men’s Pluto Dp Running Shoes

Rs 1,499 : Buy on Amazon

This is a standard wow, looks good for office casual too. Not very fun buy it is okay to go with the neat looking shoes. They allow white lines on the router is good enough to attract light on it. This was the fifth best Puma Casual/sports/running Shoes Below 1500.

#6 Puma Men’s Pluto DP Running Shoes

Rs 1499 : Buy on Amazon

The standard looking shoe. The silver in the from makes shiny and the logo in the bottom is a brand. Overall the shoe quality looks good and worth giving a shot. This was the sixth best Puma Casual/sports/running Shoes Below 1500.

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#7 Puma Men’s Mesh Running Shoes

Check Latest Price

This show is good with it’s design and it’s color. Many don’t like this way, but this is good to wear o jeans. The look good. You can use them for running, jogging and for casual wear as well. The on this isn’t good about this shoe is they may get dirty easily.

#8 Puma Men’s Reef Fashion Dp Running Shoes

Rs 1814: Buy on Amazon

This shoe is good with its look and will be much better for young kids and to wear this shoes as a premium wear. This shoe won’t be good to wear with average colored jeans. It will ruin the dressing. This was the eighth best Puma Casual Shoes Below 1500 rs in India.

#9 Puma Men’s Pluto Dp Running Shoes

The sole is quite comfortable and makes less jumpy. The black layer at the bottom save the shoes from getting dirty. This shoe is Okay to wear jeans because the color is not too dark and you can go with average colored jeans which might be blue. This was the ninth best Puma Casual/sports/running Shoes Below 1500.

#10 Puma Men’s Pluto Dp Running Shoes

Rs 1,499: Buy on Amazon

A good looking and amazing shoe. Probably the best in the list. I like it personally. the look of the shoe is cool and will suit all the colors of clothes. This was the tenth best Puma Casual/sports/running Shoes Below 1500.

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The shoes can be cleaned using a toothbrush and surf. If you have a problem with cleaning then definitely don’t forget to give a try to toothbrush. So, those were the list of all Puma casual shoes below 1500, No if you are looking for something better, you can have a look at Best Running shoes under 1500.

I didn’t tell you this,

The One thing to consider while buying the shoes online is the payment and refund may of online sellers except for Amazon and Flipkart tend not to respect the customers and do not value them.

Which is, in this case, it is 100% secure., and Amazon is the best service or website to purchase anything online. Because If you don’t like the product then you can return and Amazon will refund your 100% of the money you spent for the product including shipping charges.

The reviews of the product’s review is quite positive, this makes a reason for the product to be in the list. The other factor we care is the price and the design of the product. This plays an important role, Because we pick the products by taking many factors, we ignore all the low-quality products while making the list.

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