[Updated List] Best Nike Shoes Under 2000 to 3000

Nike shoes are a little compared to Puma shoes, It’s not something just overpriced because they provide quality shoes. Now the question becomes what are some best Nike shoes under 2000 to 3000 rupees. SO it’s simple you go to Amazon filter the Nike shoes with a filter.

No doubt Nike is a popular brand in inida, and you must have seen cricketers and footballers wearing themm. So here is the list of top 10 nike shoes under 2000 to 3000 rs.

#1 Nike Men’s Revolution 2 Msl Running Shoes

This shoe design is good, but the color might look a little odd but no problem you have 15+ color choice from which you can select the best Nike shoes for you. However, this shoe design is one of the most popular in India. Maybe because the design is so gooed and it is available in many colors.

#2 Nike Men’s Downshifter 6 MSL Running Shoes

This shoe looks good, and obviously the color combination looks awesome. If you ae someone whi is looking to get a nike shoes under 3000 rupees then this will be the best choice. This shoe can be used for office purpose(If casual wear is allowed).

#4 Nike Men’s Capri III Low Casual Sneakers

This is a sneaker which is the most followed trend in fashion wear. This shoe looks good because of 3 things. First one is the color combination, The second is the branding and the final one is the comfortability. You can go ahead and purchase one if you are a fashionable guy.

#5 Nike Men’s Dart 12 MSL Running Shoes

This is another shoe which can be used for multi-purpose. That means you can also call it “nike shoes for offcice”.  This shoe

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#6 Nike Men’s Air One Tr Sl Outdoor Multisport Training Shoes

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The reason why I selected this shoe in the list is it looks awesome.This shoe is in the combination of dark purpole, Grey, Black and white. This  nike shoe under 3000 will be another shoe which does worth trying.

#7 Nike Men’s Valerio Casual Sneakers


nike shoes 2000 to 3000

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Are you trendy? Do you love wearing colorful shoes? Yes, then this shoe might be the right choice to purchase. The

reason why I am telling this is that it has a great combination with many suits and they are really comfortable. You can wear this shoe for quite long time if you can maintain it properly.

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This shoe is made up of rubber, the shoe has got a good color combination. The funny part about this shoe is it can be work by men as wel as women. So, one pair can be used for many. Check Latest Price

#9 Nike Men’s Downshifter 6 Msl Running Shoes

This one is one of the standard looking shoes in the list. It can be used for anything, like anything. Hence it answers all the queries like Nike shoes for running, nice shoes for jogging, Nike shoes for walking in 2000 to 3000 rupees.

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#10 Nike Men’s Dart 11 Msl Running Shoes

This is a Blue Navy colored shoes, the shoe okay with its color. The shoe color combination is good and has enough capability to give a brutal first impression to anyone. The branding with of Nike adds an extra layers of advantage.

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#11 Nike Men’s Nike Revolve 2 Running Shoes

A little pricy but a premium looking shoes. This is another shoe which is perfect to purchase under 2000 to 3000 rs in India. This shoe looks cool. The bottom of the shoe is so good looking. To be expressive, gray, black and green combination is the best combination for casual wear.

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After moving to Amazon, Check the shoes with more number of reviews and read the review, The filter the shoes by the design and select one.

That’s all you have found you best Nike shoes under 2000 to 3000 rupees. Hope this articles answers query best nike shoes to buy in 2000 to 3000 rupees.

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