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Want to give a try to top running shoes in India. Here is the list, of top and best running shoes for men. Remember none of them are of cheap quality or cheap AF. Go ahead and check them out.

#1 Reebok Men’s Electrify Speed Running Shoes

Suggested price: 2,799.00
Price: 1,679.00 – 1,959.00

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This shoe is good for walking as well as for running. The shoe is comfortable, the heel counter has goof branding. The branding at the tongue makes it look more professional. Wait, if you don’t like orange then check out there are many other colors available likeGravel, Nacho, Back and White for the same model. So that was the 1st top running shoe for men.

#2Puma Men’s Argus DP Running Shoes

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  • Material Type: Synthetic
  • Lifestyle: Casual
  • Warranty Type: Manufacturer

PUMA, The popular brand in India. People see your face after looking at your shoe with a great respect. It does happen in India. Go give a try, see how people start loving you because your shoe is of PUMA. Kidding Over, This shoe is popular among youngsters, they look good for jogging and can be worn for casual wear as well. well that was the 2nd top running shoe for men

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#3 Puma Men’s Agility IDP Running Shoes

Suggested price:    3,999.00
Price:    1,388.00 –    1,999.00

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PUMA PUMA PUMA, don’t worry if have more PUMA should in the list.  I list Puma shoes because of the look great, they have so many varieties from which you can choose you favorite. That seems pretty flexible to choose your shoe. But when you bound yourself to Nike and Adidas shoes, the models and colors are limited. Okay that was the 1st top running shoe for men

#4 Puma Men’s Axis IV XT DP Mesh Running Shoes

Price:    1,649.00 –    4,628.00

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Who doesn’t like this color combination, they look good almost with any wear except complete white. This shoe will be great for running and cooler than it looks in the picture. Go ahead and check it out. The shoe is good to go. 4thst top running shoe for men is done.

#5 Puma Men’s Carlos Ind Running Shoes


Suggested price:    3,999.00
Price:    1,788.00 –    2,828.00

How can I forget to mention the red, white and black combinations? This is the shoe which is worn by people going to do their IT jobs. The branding at the bottom with a Puma logo is just wao. The shoe is good for running, just select the right size. 5th top running shoe for men is over.

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#6 Reebok Men’s Run Cruiser Running Shoes

Suggested price:    3,799.00
Price:    2,279.00 –    2,280.00

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Here you go with Adidas shoes, they look great and Adidas really does god job by designing top sports shoes for running.  Wait if you are lazy enough the wash the bottom of the shoe with a rejected toothbrush, then go for another one which comes with the dark sole. sixth top running shoe for men was cool.

#7  Puma Men’s Aron Ind Running Shoes

Suggested price:    3,999.00
Price:    1,388.00 –    3,173.00

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This color combination shoe we discussed already but wait, not this model. This shoe is more of a formal looking sports shoe. Wear to do running, jogging, or a casual wear. If you prefer to wear sports on formal(not recommended) then this shoe is okay. duh, seventh top running shoe for men was good looking.

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#8 Reebok Men’s Ultra Speed Running Shoes

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Funky shoes, The young and olds love to look cool. This shoe does the work. The branding at the sides of heel counter looks cool. The while painting written RUN looks cool. You should definitely check this out if you are a color lover. The cool eighth top running shoe.

#9 Reebok Men’s Edge Quick 2.0 Running Shoes

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This shoe is for those great and lazy people. Wait, it is also for the people who loves dark colors. 2 benefits of having dark color shoes, 1. you don’t have to wash/clean regularly 2. Suits with almost every wear. Well, nith best running shoes for men wasn’t bad.

#10 Adidas Men’s Ezar 1.0M Running Shoes

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Wew, The Adidas shoe at the end. But wait, it looks cool, yes even I want to call it cooler. The color combination is good to go. The net layer in it makes it look a little authoritative. The branding at heel counter is crazy. overall this was all about the top running shoe for men. 

Hope you liked this article, don’t say no. If you didn’t find your best should then check the link given below.  Who knows you will find you love(i mean best running shoe) here.


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