Why people buy branded shoes like PUMA Reebok Adidas than low priced Shoes in india

There are thousands of kinds of shoes are available in the market with hundrests of logos and branding on it, but why every product is not liked by customers. Most of the comes under average category and few of them comes in premium categoy.

Why customers buy them for 1st time after getting recommended by shop owners and they never go back for another shoe.

Welcome to bestshoesunder India, In this artice you will jnow all the answers f the auestions discussed above.

Most of the come under average category and few of them comes in premium categoy.

definitely not, because brand is something which is used ater building the trust among your customers. The customer will rebuy the product or revisit the shopping shore only if the 1st experience was good(in most of the cases)

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Why should You not say Adidas and Reebok, Nike, PUMA shoes and overpriced to buy?

Actually, they seem to be costly when you compare the price with any local shoes, but when you compare with the lifespan the shoes have you will find the truth. The truth is while purchasing these shoes costs way more than any local shoes, but why not to buy if you are getting all the problems solved like smelly shoes, a very comfortable experience, a respectable perspective people look at you and at the end not looking cheap.

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You can buy a similar looking shoes from a footpath but have you ever seen the difference between these two shoes?

Local Shoes Branded Shoes
Gets dirty in No time(True) It doesn’t in fact, i clean foes of 3X of on branded shoes.
Smells like shit after single use or two It doesn’t even after a month
People don’t care People have respect
Average Look Premium Look
Cheap manufacturing materia Good QUality Material
It is not optimized for feet It is well optimized )read my personal experience of it


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Why I hate unbranded shoes?



It’s not at all trues that I hate unbranded products but I hate bad products. This was the incident for where my perspective was completely changed towards branded shoes.

4 years ago my father bought me a pair of shoes with the brand name called “basics”. This was the very first branded shoes I have ever used in my life. This shoes

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This shoes had an extra cushion which felt great than a regular cheap sports shoes. However, the price of this shoes wasn’t too much as it is was an Indian brand and also wasn’t so popular. But it gave me great comfort which changed my perspective towards branded shoes and from then till now i always try to ignore unbranded products.

How to deal with Branded shoes “Branded shoes shoes are costly I cannot afford them”?

Exactly, i faced the same situation because of my limited budget, while studying my intermediate.

My class mates were wearing cloned(logo printed) PUMA shoes and showing off, which was tempting to wear branded products but wait, this isn’t the right way or a good reason to wear branded shoes.

Buy i took on thing [roblem by purchasing the branded shoes which i can afford. Branded shoes are not only limited to PUMA you can give a try to basics, Lotto, Sparx and etc. These brands offer shoes at quite a good price you can afford, in fact i love lotto great brand and good looking designs.

Branded shoes are branded only because “They produce Good Quality Products and people trust the brand every time they visit the store.”

Branded shoes are costly then why people buy them?

Because they value more themselves more than the money they are going to spend on cheap looking shoes. And also, Because they trust the brand, They trust that if they will buy the shoes they don’t have to buy another in at least 6 months.

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So now it depends on you, you want to buy a shoe which stays on you feet for 12 to 24 months or buy a new shoe every 6 months.


Local Shoes comes for Rs 500 on an average

and branded comes 900 to 2000 on an average

You want to spend 500 every 6 months buying a cheap unbranded OR a branded shoes which cost around 1200 rupees which go for  15 months to 18 months?

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Why purchase any kinds of shoes online than offline shops or market?

There are several reasons why old online customers always try to buy things online than offline. The very 1st reason is

you cannot return the product if you but it offline:

This is the process almost every shop, you cannot return the product and get the whole money back. Instead, the shop keeper may offer you to buy a shop

You can return online for free.

suppose you bought a product of rs 1199, and you didn’t like that, you can return it in next 30 days(without using it but you can try at home).

So that’s all in this article: if you liked this article “Why people buy branded shoes than cheap unbranded shoes“?

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