What is the best shoes for Casual Wear, Running, Hiking for everyday use?

The overall this i can conclude telling that you need a shoe which can be used for hiking, Jogging, Running and also as a casual wear.

Here is the list of all the shoes you are looking for, which can be used for jogging running, walking or almost any thing.

#1 Puma Men’s El Ace Lo Leather Sneakers

Puma Men's El Ace Lo Leather Sneakers

Puma is an international brand which produces many good quality shoes. This shoe looks cool and good to wear on jeans. You can also use this shoe for walking.

#2 Puma Men’s Strike Fashion II Dp Running Shoes

This is a sports shoes by puma which is another good jogging walking and to wear for casual purposes. The good thing about this shoe is it doesn’t get dirty easily.

#3 Puma Men’s Argus DP Running Shoes

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This is a good looking shoe for formal, The branding at the bottom with a color combination of white and blue makes it look cheerful. It looks good when you wear them for casual purpose or as a casual wear.

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#4 Puma Men’s Carlos Ind Running Shoes

This is another hsoe which looks cool with almost any kind of dress. The shoe is similar to the one we have discussed earlier but in a different color. This shoe is good looking, this shoe and branding at the front makes it look cooler.

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#5 Puma Men’s Pluto Dp Running Shoes

The three curves on the shoe with green dots makes it look cooler, you can wear this as an office. The best part of the shoe is to get it clear every week. This shoe does it’s best job.

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#6 Puma Men’s Argus DP Mesh Running Shoes

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The shoes looks cool and perfect for casual wear. The extra layes of leather on the strap makes it look flipable. The good thing about this shoe is it is flexible and will not leave you for long time.

#7 Reebok Men’s Ride Lite Running Shoes


I am not a big fan of red and black shoe but yes this shoe design is for adults and old people. May be my granpa could have looked better in this.

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#8 Puma Men’s Atom Fashion III Dp Running Shoes

This shoe looks good and it has a lot to do with making a cool look. If you are someone who loves to play around then this is the best shoe to select.

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#9 Puma Men’s Carlos Ind Running Shoes

The running shoes, athow this shoe suits for runners,  makes sense doing it. The best part of the shoe is to it looks cool when you use it for running or jogging or both.


#10 Reebok Men’s Electrify Speed Running Shoes


This is the 2nd cool looking shoes which looks exactly the way i wanted to, but if you are someone who doesn’t like orange then you should get things to the page and select another color of same shoes. Sound cool right!

Hope it was helpful for you and it does the job of running walking and casual wear. Hope you liked this article if you likes this answer give a big thumbs up in the like section below.

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